Tecia Ryan is a Doctor of Pharmacy

She is a:

Compounding Pharmacist

Drug Information Specialist

Nutrient Therapy Counselor

Herbal Therapy Counselor

Lecturer in the Health Sciences

Natural Hormone Therapy Counselor

Certified Aromatherapist



Body-type specific aromatherapy is a detailed treatment system based on the British system of aromatherapy as it is practiced in Canada.

How your autonomic nervous system responds to stress is the key.

You will feel better as your body rebalances its response to what life has dealt you.

Rebalancing the way the body responds can help


    Scattered thoughts

    Lack of mental focus

    Memory loss


    Emotional distress

    Joint and muscle aches

    Skin problems

    Digestive problems


or – whatever is bothering you.


Aromatherapy uses essential oils and herbal essences to balance the body’s response.

Each oil has its own unique effects.  Blends of these oils enable the aromatherapist to change the response to

-what is stressing the body

-what causes the body to react negatively

and to ease the body into balance so--

it responds positively.

It is not just the smell of the oils that affects the body. Essential oils absorb through the skin and mucus membranes to alter cellular metabolism.

You can see what changes occur in the skin when essential oils are applied.

Diffusing antimicrobial oils into the air will decrease the air counts of bacteria and fungi, and can decrease disease and allergy. Hospitals in France use this method to cut down on hospital-borne infections.

Diffusing essential oils into the air can also

    - help co-workers get along

    - reduce error rate

    - aid communication

    - relax and de-stress

    - stimulate

    - enhance sensual response


The effects seen are based on the oil blend diffused.

Blends can be

    diffused into the air

    smelled as an inhalant

    used as a bath soak

    sprayed as a spritz

    applied to the skin in oil, lotion, cream, or gel or compress

    used as a perfume or skin treatment


Prescriptive oil treatment is the use of individualized essential oil blends tailored to your own body's needs.

Individual aromatherapy includes:

Taking a detailed history to know how your body responds.
Measurements of your body alignment to gauge your physical response as your body changes during the therapy.
Your feedback

Rebalancing is a gradual process.

Gently coaxing your body toward balance needs time.

Your response to the therapy is enhanced by private in-house treatments.

During the in-house treatment, while the client lies on the treatment table, an oil blend is applied to the body.

Depending on the complaints presented, the application targets the areas needed -- to concentrate on the problem and enhance the body's response.

Treatments last from one to one-and-a-half hours.

Take-home blends support and prolong your in-house treatment results. Take-home blends are applied by you where and when you like.

To maximize the results of prescriptive aromatherapy, in-house treatments should occur each week.

Many find that they feel so much better that they make in-house treatments a habit.